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VR/AR × Showroom

Show Features with VR

VR allows you to experience the use of product functions and services, and spaces that do not exist in reality.


  • Introducing product and service functions and usage scenes through CG and 360-degree video.

  • Explain the features of the product using text and narration.

  • Person can walk around the space freely.

  • ​You can also add interactive elements which use motion controllers.


  • Even a large product or space can be displayed in actual size.

  • You can visualize invisible objects such as temperature, airflow, and wires.

  • You can make customers to focus on what you want to convey from the beginning to the end.

  • Talking naturally before and after the experience makes it easier to communicate with customers.


Show Features with AR

Use AR to communicate the usage scenes of products and services and the internal structure and movement of products.



  • The usage scenes and facilities where products and services are used are displayed in three dimensions, and the usage image is conveyed to the user.

  • By adding cations or narrations, it is easy to understand.

  • You can visualize the flow of persons by making  walking person models.

  • Interactive operation is also possible using the touch panel.


  • You can shoot and share AR using the screenshot function of your smartphone.

  • Large products and mockups are expensive to transport and maintain, but can be placed freely with AR.

  • Placement is possible even in places where exhibition space is limited.

  • Easy to transport overseas and support multiple languages.

Show Features with Hologram


  • It is possible to place a real model such as a miniature and overlay a hologram on it.

  • You can also add interactive elements such as switching hologram images on your tablet.



  • Multiple users can experience it with the naked eye.

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