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AR × Process Manaement

HoloLens Process Management System

An application that is intended to be used for assistance or recording by those who perform work or assembly.


  • A system using the glass-type AR device HoloLens

  • You can proceed with your work while watching the explanations on the AR, such as text and videos.

  • Operate hands-free using gestures and gaze.

  • Because it has a directional speaker, the sound of the video can only be heard by the operator.

  • By checking the work lists, the worker can proceed with the work while confirming that there are no leakage.

  • By recording the time it takes for an operator to move to the next task, the time spent on each task can be recorded.


  • Unlike conventional systems (paper and tablets), it is hands-free, so you can work without having to change holdings or wipe your hands.

  • It can be fixed anywhere in the space, and the size and angle can be changed freely. By placing in a position and size that is easy to see for you, you can work while checking the explanation and your hands alternately.

  • By linking with the server and the cloud, it can be used as quantitative data to accumulate records of how long each work took and optimize work order and staffing.

  • Since the camera is attached on HoloLens, the operator's field of view can be recorded as is. For example, when an operator finds an area of ​​concern, such as a product scratch or defective product, the situation can be communicated to the administrator by sending an image of the view to the server.

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