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Virtual Space Sharing

Virtual Space Sharing

You can enter the virtual space as an avatar and communicate with others.

Click here for sample space ↓


  • You can enter the 3D space on the Web as an avatar and walk around.

  • Other users who are in the room at the same time are also displayed, so you can communicate with each other using voice chat, text chat, and emoji.

  • It is possible to share images from PC screens and webcams.

  • Images, PDFs, videos, and 3D models can be placed and shared in space.

  • It runs on your browser, so you don't need to install any applications.

  • Compatible with various devices such as notebook PCs, smartphones, PC-connected VR, and stand-alone VR.

  • You can immerse yourself in the space using VR. Since it also supports a motion controller, you can communicate using gestures.

  • It can be launched on AWS (Amazon Web Service) and can be published on your own domain.

  • You can customize the space, avatar, brand logo, and color theme.


  • You don't have to look at the other person's face from the front, so you don't get nervous.

  • Since we are both in our avatar forms, we can talk to each other in a relaxed manner.

  • You can only talk to people nearby.

  • You can convey emotions with emoji and VR hands.

  • You can create a space or avatar according to the event or brand image.

  • You can get a sense of unity that you share the same space.

Usage Example

  • Exhibition

  • Showroom

  • Factory tour

  • Seminar

  • Event

  • Conference (Poster Presentation)

  • Business Meeting Space

  • Public Viewing

  • Online Shopping

Screenshot 2021-05-25 140832.png

Services We Provide

  • Launch Hubs Cloud on AWS (Amazon Web Service)

  • Designing and creation of 3D space

  • Creation of original avatar

  • Product 3D model to be placed in space, 360 degree image production

  • Creation of videos and panel materials to be placed in space

  • Website LP creation, operation, marketing support


Sample Space

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