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VR × Training

Education and Training VR

Employee training can be conducted in VR.



  • By using the motion controller, the experience person can move the hand in VR like one's hand.

  • Icons and narrations will guide you through the next task, so the experience moves one's hands as instructed.

  • It is judged whether the experience person has completed the procedure using collision judgment, etc., and automatically moves to the next process.

  • Depending on your purpose, you can also score speed and accuracy.


  • Unlike video and text manuals, you can learn the positional relationship while moving your body, so you can expect a high learning result.

  • It can be done even if there is no trainer who teaches gait.

  • Training is possible wherever there is a VR device.

  • By incorporating the elements of the game, you can receive training while having fun.

  • Do not waste the ingredients and materials used in practice.

  • In reality, even in situations where reproducibility is low or in dangerous situations, it can be expressed in VR.

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