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VR × User Research

Shopping Research with VR

In the virtual shop reproduced in the virtual space of VR, you can verify the scene of product purchase and store use.


  • Subjects can walk around the virtual store with their feet.

  • Using the motion controller, you can pick up the product or put it in the basket.

  • If you create models and textures, you can also place existing products.

  • It is possible to compare and confirm what package design, POP, and layout are likely to be noticeable for the products under investigation.

  • Even if the survey target is a store layout, you can check the effective arrangement of passages and shelves and the visibility status.


  • Since it can be carried out even in a small space, it can also be carried out in a rental space with good access.

  • ​You can verify products that do not yet exist, and even stores before construction.

  • If you prepare multiple patterns of shelves and POP types in advance, you can switch with a single button. You can perform an AB testing to see how the combination changes the subject's response.

  • Easily obtain and use heat maps, user traffic lines, and action records (taken, put in a basket, etc.) that previously required expensive and large-scale equipment. (Details below)

About Heatmap Function

  • If you add a heat map function to the VR app, you can record the flow line that the subject has passed.

  • If you use a VR headset with eye tracking, you can also record the subject's gaze.

  • For each product, it is possible to keep a record of the number of times the subject has viewed and its time duration, or the number of times the subject has picked up and its time duration.

  • The recorded results can be used as statistical reports.


Experience Research with VR

You can investigate the use of products, services, and awareness in certain situations.


  • You can see how the field of view and usability change depending on the physique, such as the subject's height and hand reach.

  • It is possible to compare and confirm how the point of interest change depending on the person's attributes such as age and gender.

  • Situations with low reproducibility and dangerous scenes can be expressed with VR.

Survey Design and Output

Daishinsha Group has mct. ( specializing in experience design and design research. In addition to VR production, it is possible to design survey methods and direct output.


Prototyping with VR


  • You can check the product prototype in VR.

  • If you set up a program in advance, you can change the size and combination in VR. You can check the optimal combination and size.

  • For example, in the case of a car, the vehicle height and width can be changed by operating the motion controller.

  • By sitting in the driver's seat, you can see how the view from the driver's seat changes when the vehicle height and width are changed.

  • Products other than cars can also be produced.

  • If you have CAD data for the product, you can use it.

  • Even products that do not yet exist or concept models at the idea stage can be confirmed.

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