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AR × E-Commerce

Web AR(App-less AR)

AR that can be placed in actual size from the web browser.


  • There is no need to download the app and you can view it directly from your smartphone browser.

  • Compatible with both iOS and Android

  • It can be displayed in actual size, so you can check the look of the installed product.


  • Since there is no need to download an app or printing a marker, there are few hurdles to using it.

  • Since it can be displayed on the EC site or product introduction page, users interested in the product can try it immediately.

  • Increase one's willingness to purchase by confirming the image when placed in one's room.


How to Use
  • If you are viewing on a smartphone, tap the icon displayed in the lower right of the 3D viewer, and then select the AR button (View in your space for Android).

  • When viewing on a PC, only the 3D viewer is displayed. Read the QR code below on your smartphone, display the current page on your smartphone, and try AR.


iOS・Android 共通




(Read with your Smartphone)

Sample 1: DCD Logo

【System Requirements】
ARKit compatible device(iPhone 6s/SE or later、iPad Pro/5th generation or later)
iOS 12 or later
ARCore compatible device(Nexus 5X or later/Galaxy S7 or later/Xperia XZ1 or later/etc.)

Android 8 or later 

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